WordPress For Church

WordPress has quickly become the most popular website CMS (Content Management System) for a number of reasons.  For churches, WordPress is a must have to effectively manage your website.  There are hundreds of church website companies offering any number of options, but WordPress for churches is the most cost-effective, flexible and easy to use system.

Why should you use WordPress for your church?

Ease of Use

As an open-source CMS, all you need to do is Google the term WordPress and any number of solutions will show up giving you a range of detail and help. Once setup, the system is so easy to use a person with no knowledge of HTML or any other web development experience can effectively maintain a website. By adding plugins, the convenient phone app, and other options your website can be updated any number of ways, even from sending an email.


Millions of websites are using WordPress to manage their sites. Some of the biggest sites out there are probably hosted by WordPress. You can rest assured that the people keeping behind WordPress know the magnitude of every decision they make. It is constantly updated with new features, fixes and security updates so you’ll know it’s always top of the line. For churches, WordPress is the best solution.


WordPress will work for a church as is once downloaded in its native package. However, it is highly customizeable and a community of developers are constantly adding and updating features. If you want your site to do something specific for your church’s needs, chances are a developer can make that happen. You might even check our code base here to get some ideas on ways you can customize WordPress for your Church.