Most Common Church Website Mistakes

I’ve visited hundreds of church websites. In that time, its easy to see good ones, and really, really bad ones. Most churches are making one of the following mistakes with their website. xxxxxxxx The following are the most common mistakes we see on church websites. 1. No Specific Location As churches, we often fall victim […]

WordPress For Church

WordPress has quickly become the most popular website CMS (Content Management System) for a number of reasons.  For churches, WordPress is a must have to effectively manage your website.  There are hundreds of church website companies offering any number of options, but WordPress for churches is the most cost-effective, flexible and easy to use system. […]

5 Church Homepage Must Haves

First impressions are everything.  On the web, they are that much more important.  People are visiting your church’s website BEFORE they will step foot in your door.  Chances are a deciding factor in whether they will visit your church will depend on the impression they get from your church’s website. The design and look of […]


Free Website Aren’t Really Free

We’ve all seen the commercials claiming to offer your business free websites.  These companies spend lots of money advertising a service that’s supposedly free.  Why would they spend so much money for something they are giving away for free?  Have you ever stopped to think about what’s in it for them? While it may be […]